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Android App Issues

If you own an Android phone you need to back to the store you got the app for sportsengine an update the app from there.  Get the newest version of it.  They fixed a bug where people were not getting updated chats in the chat section.

Calendar Subscription

If you would like to subscribe to the calendar for the team(s) your player(s) are on and/or the league wide calendar to your mobile device here are some simple steps that should work for just about everyone.

  1. Locate the calendar you want a subscription to
  2. scroll to the bottom of that calendar and locate the RSS or iCal feed links and click one.
  3. Locate the URL and highlight it and copy it (CTRL-C for PC users and CMD-C for Macs)
  4. Go to your email either on a computer or mobile device and paste that URL into and email and mail it to yourself.
  5. Open the email you just received and click on the link.

At this point your mobile device should now have a subscription feed for that calendar and every time a change to that calendar is made it should update to your phone depending on your refresh cycles you set up.

How To Locate Your Team

If you are trying to login to your player's website and cannot find it here is what Sports Engine said back to me about how to try and fix the issue, " Hello Wally, 

Thank you for reaching out to SportsEngine Customer Success.  We took a look at your site and the reason that some users will be unable to find your teams is that they are private.  When a team is private, the only people who can see it on the site or in the mobile app are users who are rostered to the team or have been given specific permissions.  Additionally, the best option for searching the team is the Mobile Team ID that appears on the team page on the site. 

For additional users who want to access the team page, the best option for this is to have the parents add those users as Guardians within their account. This help center article explains how to add Guardians:


I don't have many other options at this time.  If you are still continuing to have issues please email me directly and I will try to get them resolved for you.

LSYF League Calendar


    Welcome to Lake Stevens Youth Football

    All of Lake Stevens Youth Football is under one organization again now.  All of our teams are competing in the North Sound Junior Football League (NSJFL.) The NSJFL is a "High School Feeder" model youth football league in which our member organizations are committed to providing an opportunity for every youth participant, ages 5-14 to learn the game of football; while focusing on maximum community participation and working closely with their local high school football programs.

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Lake Stevens Youth Football P.O. Box 322 Lake Stevens, WA 98258

    Lake Stevens Youth Football News

    2018 Registration

    Registration for the 2018 Season is now CLOSED


    The 2019 Football Season Registration will open up in mid-March 2019.  If you would like to get on the notification list for next year's registration opening, please email the League Secretary at

    LSHS Training Videos are available HERE

    (Please contact the league secretary @ for the password)


    We are the Lake Stevens Chapter of the North Sound Junior Football League (NSJFL) . Our charter is to foster Accountability, Teamwork, and Physical Fitness through participation in youth Football. We foster an inclusive sporting environment where each

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