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2021 Spring Football Season


Welcome to 2021 Spring Football Registration!

As a feeder program we follow the high school schedule laid out by the WIAA. Like many things this past year, it will be a little different. Our season would begin mid February and end with Championships May 1st (6 regular season games with 2 playoff/championship games).  We have been in contact with the other youth sports organizations and are all working together so the overlap is minimal and the kids playing multiple sports are not penalized. We all have the same goal to get our kids back into the sports they love! Our biggest hurdle, besides COVID-19, will be with the school district and field usage.  Registration was opened on December 12th.  Invoices will be sent in January with a final payment due date of February 1st. Let’s cross our fingers and hope to see you all in February! GO LAKE!


Current Schedule
Invoices - Sent the week of 1/10/21
Final Payment Due - 2/1/21
Final Full Refund Date - 2/6/21
Virtual Draft Day - 2/6/21
Gear Fitting - weekend of 2/13/21
First Practice - 2/22/21
First Games 3/13/21


Q and A

My child is planning to play multiple sports this Spring/Summer. Are there plans for other leagues to also have a Spring season?

Yes. Other Lake Stevens youth leagues are working hard to ensure they also have a season. We have been coordinating with the other leagues during the past few months. With the information available at this time, we see little to no conflict in schedules. Please validate schedules with the other leagues as they continue to for plan their seasons.

Lake Stevens Little League

Lake Stevens Basketball Club

Will there be try-outs?

No, you will go to the team you were placed on for the 2020 season…Due to the timing and the pandemic not all teams will be filled so you will get placed on a team by your coach.

Will you give a refund if our season gets canceled? Even after January 15th?  

Yes! Full refunds will be given up until 2/6/21. Partial refunds may be eligible after this date.

Will we still have a Fall season?

Yes! In hopes our world gets back to normal, Fall season will begin in August like years past.

Will the kids have to wear masks?

We will follow guidelines from WIAA on all COVID-19 safety protocol. Masks will not be required when playing. Coaches will be required to wear masks at all times. Players will need to wear masks when not playing.

Will there be a discount since it’s a shorter season?

Yes. A shorter season was taken into account and the fee has been slightly reduced from last season. As an organization we still have operating fees that include insurance, field usage, referees, etc and we will need players dues to fully function. We are anticipating lower numbers for Spring and less donations (including fundraising) so every penny counts!

Welcome to Lake Stevens Youth Football

All of Lake Stevens Youth Football is under one organization.  All of our teams compete in the North Sound Junior Football League (NSJFL).  The NSJFL is a "High School Feeder" model youth football league, in which our member organizations are committed to providing an opportunity for every youth participant, ages 5-14 to learn the game of football; while focusing on maximum community participation and working closely with their local high school football programs.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Lake Stevens Youth Football P.O. Box 322 Lake Stevens, WA 98258


    We are the Lake Stevens Chapter of the North Sound Junior Football League (NSJFL) . Our charter is to foster Accountability, Teamwork, and Physical Fitness through participation in youth Football. We foster an inclusive sporting environment where each

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